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ROAD  TUBE SA 2 | 0.6mm
For road bike use, Onza Tires only offers the Presta valve variety. That can easily handle the high levels of pressure usual on road bikes and it fits through the valve holes of even the most narrow rim types.

Inner tubes are part of the rotating mass, and therefore they should be as lightweight as possible. But they also have to be plenty tough as a flat easily eliminates any gain in time. Additionally, thicker inner tubes are being used during practice. This is why Onza Tires offers its BMX inner tubes in two wall thicknesses, the ones for road bikes in three and the ones for mountain bikes even in four varieties. That way, you have the freedom of choice. So, what would you like?

TUBE SA 1 | 0.45mm
Part # Descr. Cat. Size Weight ETRTO Thickness Valve
A1109770 SA2 ROAD 700x18-25C 68g 18/25-622/630 0.6mm FV Presta
A1109775 SA2 ROAD 700x18-25C 70g 18/25-622/630 0.6mm FV48 Presta 48mm
A1109780 SA2 ROAD 700x18-25C 72g 18/25-622/630 0.6mm FV60 Presta 60mm

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